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. . . . Wild Bird Shop / Nature Arts & Sounds, a friendly bird-watcher's store and gift gallery also featuring many decorative fountains and fountain components.This bird is a Tufted Puffin - the clown of the North Pacific.  The rock in the background is Haystack Rock.  It is an icon of Cannon Beach and one of the most photographed scenes in the state of Oregon.  It stands 285 feet tall, right in the surf in front of town.  Tufted Puffins nest on Haystack Rock during the spring and summer.  Come and see them, it's fun!  . .
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Greetings from The Good Life shop
in Cannon Beach
on the Beautiful Oregon Coast!

   We have recently changed the name of our physical store to reflect the change in our product mix over the years.  We still love birds and will do what we can to help you see or feed them.  But contrary to what many people think, we do not decide what items we sell - our customers decide that.  If we don't stock what you all want to buy, we go out of business.  This is not a hobby, it is how we make our living, so we must adapt to the desires of our customers.
   We will continue to operate this website for the benefit of birds and birders, but it will not be updated as often as it once was.  Please have patience with this.  Thank you.

   Located in Cannon Beach, Oregon, on the spectacular Oregon Coast, The Good Life is in the heart of some of the world's most beautiful scenery.  The owners, Janet and Brian, and our excellent employees, Bern and Janet C. work very hard to make our little shop one of the best anywhere. 
    We carry an eclectic mix of tapestries, paintings and other art, furniture accent pieces, birding supplies, crafts and gifts, gentle music and decorative fountains to relax you and ease away the stress of life in the 21st century.  Even after years of hearing it, we are still thrilled when our customers step in and and say "ooooh."
    We do sell some items online, but if you want something that you've seen in the store, give us a call and we will ship it to you.
    If you explore this site, you will find interesting facts and information about birds, bird feeding and watching, whale watching and various tidbits about viewing nature on the north coast of Oregon.
     If you are considering a visit to the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach is a great place to stay.  We have hundreds of great gifts in the shop, so be sure and stop in while you are here.  We sincerely enjoy meeting our customers, so say "hi" when you come in.  We look forward to welcoming you to our little town!

We sell relaxing music, hummingbird feeders, bird feeders, birdhouses, fountains, tapestries, and much more.

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